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  • Shelach In DepthSelect commentaries culled from the broad corpus of Jewish scholarship.Read More
  • The Story of the Baby Who Was a GrandfatherGlancing at the guest house, he saw a mysterious light in one of the windows, an ethereal glow the...Read More
  • A Leader’s FaithVirtually all the commentators ask the same question: How is it possible that the spies had a...Read More
  • Listening to the Shabbat CandlesI stood there with my face covered, tiny tears gathering in the corners of my eyes.Read More
  • The Great Assembly and the PhariseesScroll Down - Part 5Read More

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Lasting peace is not created by intellectuals. Even the most powerful intellect can be bribed from within and from without. Nor is it made by those who follow their faith blindly. Blindness wreaks havoc; a viable peace requires vision. Lasting peace is the achievement of those who have made peace between the rigor of their mind and the simplicity of their vision. Their vision is secured far beyond the whims of...

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