What is CTeen Impact?

CTeen Impact is a community organization all about chessed–kindness. Impact is based in West Hills and works with teenagers throughout the West Valley. Its purpose is to connect teens who would love to be of service to those in need and the organizations who need their active support. Impact will be for Middle Schoolers, 7th and 8th graders to High Schoolers, 9th–12th graders. 


Leadership Board

CTeen Impact will have a leadership board who will help organize and promote each program. This will teach the teens, responsibility, organization and leadership skills that can only be attained by being involved hands on in the implementation of a project. Teens will have the opportunity to apply for the board at the first meet up. 


Get involved! 

Each project will be available for sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a project or otherwise help Impact reach our goals, please contact the Impact offices at 818.337.4544. You can make a difference! Sign up today and become a member of Impact by clicking the following link  www.chabadofwesthills.com/cteenregister. Annual membership fee is $150 per teen; this includes a free CTeen Impact T-shirt!


Middle School

Projects will include both hands on volunteering as well as several fundraising activities for charitable organizations. The projects may be integrated as part of the teen’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah Chessed (loving-kindness) projects.


High School

Impact will be highlighting a variety of volunteer opportunities for the coming year. Teens will be involved in hands-on projects as well as fundraising drives for local and Israeli charities. All volunteer hours will be counted towards community service hours for their high school & college requirements.


How Will Impact Members Benefit From Their Involvement?

Teens will realize that they can make a significant difference in the world. They will:

  • Acquire leadership skills.

  • Experience a deepened commitment to tzedakah, the Jewish value of charity which displays itself in terms of caring and an awareness of the needs of others.

  • Deepen their appreciation of their own lives by contrasting their experiences of abundance with the challenging situations that many others face.