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ABYA: Can G-d and Science Co-Exist?

ABYA: Can G-d and Science Co-Exist?
Consecutive Tuesdays February 12, 19, 26 and March 5th
8:00 PM
Course Overview:
Are Religion and Science at Odds?

How might a scientific person embrace beliefs that cannot be proven in a lab, or reconcile compelling evidence for the theory of evolution and the age of the universe with a literal reading of the Bible?

I Have Trouble Believing In G-d
There are many things about G-d that bother me—for starters, what is G-d? Besides, I can live perfectly well without Him: Why do I need Him in my life? Can we prove G-d scientifically and logically?

A Good G-d Who Does Bad Stuff
How can we understand and relate to G-d’s intimate and caring presence in our lives amid the experience of suffering and tragedy?

How Can I Relate to a G-d I Cannot See?
Can a finite human have an intimate relationship with an infinite G-d? If it is indeed possible, where do I start?

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ABYA: Can G-d and Science Co-Exist?   Feb 12 - Mar 5, 2019
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