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The newest, hottest club in town. With CTeen you don’t just have the time of your life – you actually take part in making this world a better place by giving back to your community. You put smiles on people’s faces while chilling with friends and making some new ones. When you are at CTeen you are always helping people, growing, learning new things, and having a blast!

CTeen’s innovative programs nurture positive Jewish identity, help teens stand above societal pressures and channel their energy through positive mediums. C-Teen is a Jewish teen club that compacts exhilarating fun and meaningful projects into a program that’s thrilling and uniting. The impact is magnificent, the experience priceless. It’s the place to be for every Jewish teen!

CTeen demonstrates that education and service is a pillar of personal growth. When we do it together – what a difference we can make! Community service, debate sessions, recreational trips and national Shabbatons blend the perfect opportunity to have fun with friends and have a dynamic Jewish experience. We are shaped not by what we receive but by what we do, so join CTeen today and start to build a better world around you.



The CTeen Network is inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, whose belief in the power of the youth transformed the teen years into a time of purpose and self-discovery. CTeen harnesses the incredible potential of teenagers with awesome programs that bring teens together to give back to their communities and the environment.



Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where teens can learn about themselves through giving to others, identify with individuals who share the same faith, and will be part of a group that focuses on building core values and stresses positive character development.




November 10 -  JLI Teens: Life on the Line
November 21 -  CTeen Impact: Cooking at Our Big Kitchen

January 16 - CTeen Regional: Hike and Tu B'Shvat Program
January 19 - JLI Teens: Stand Up for Israel
January 26 - JLI Teens: Stand Up for Israel

February 2 - JLI Teens: Stand Up for Israel
February 9 - JLI Teens: Stand Up for Israel